Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vocaloid covers by ichiko

After being away for a while, pressure for me to post has been building up. I keep finding songs that I really like. These lead to other great ones. I do a small background research and there I have it, a story to share. This time it is about certain Vocaloid/UTAU covers.

It all started with this song. "Ten faced" (十面相). Music: YM, Vocal: GUMI, NicoNico link.

The same song sang by ichiko. Very lovely I'd say (NicoNico link)

Next. "Mosaic Roll". Music: DECO*27. Vocal: GUMI. NicoNico link.

Ichiko's version of it (NicoNico link)

Let the last one be a mashup cover of wowaka's (Genjitsutouhi-P) works sung by toco×iciko.

I hope this was enough to either scare you away (which I believe is very unlikely) or make you interested in ichiko's covers. I didn't find any playlist of her songs in Youtube, so you have to search by a tag ichiko (If you know or are willing to make a playlist, then let us know too :). A better source for digging deeper is of cource NicoNico video ( her user profile). You can also follow her in Twitter.

As a last word, I hope that people in Japan can recover from the ongoing humanitarian crisis and that they could regain trust in government which seems to be lacking of decisiveness and openness in handling the situation. If you can and feel that you want to help, you can do it from any part of the world by making a donation to Red Cross.