Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween songs

A whole collection of Vocaloids in one fresh Halloween song. "Dream Meltic Halloween" by Machigeriita-P who is also a known author of many horror themed Vocaloid songs.

MP3 link in NicoVideo.

Here is not a fresh, but rather popular song that goes with Halloween theme. It has many different video versions with many having also English subs. There are also versions that have human vocal over Vocaloid versions and just human voice versions. Different slide show versions, bad quality and incomplete versions. Put "Trick and treat" in Youtube and prepare yourself.

MP3 link in NicoSound.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Miku Z4 on Super GT 2009 - AUTOPOLIS

A lot has happened after I last time wrote about Miku Z4 on Super GT. I think that those who were more eager to follow, already know what has happened, but here I sum some things up and present some links. I used to see how much these are clicked. I hope it won't bother you much.

New artwork on Miku Z4 at Autopolis! source

At first, congratulations! Studie GLAD Racing points were almost doubled at AUTOPOLIS circuit to total of 5 points and new driver Taku Bamba (who replaced Yasushi Kikuchi) got a first driver point. On Saturdays qualification (translated) Taku Bamba drove a promising 11th best lap. On Sundays final (translated) he managed to come on 10th place being 2 laps behind first car. This is really a good news after such misfortune on Fuji and Suzuka circuit where Miku Z4 had to cancel both of these.

Sheer joy :) source

Last time on Fuji speedway Miku Z4 got some serious engine problems (translated) during practice and they had to abandon the race. So they had to say goodbye to both qualification and final race. Still, on Sunday they organized a support tour bus (translated) where fans could drive through the circuit and see it close up. There were more.

Troubled Miku Z4 at Fuji. source. (I like that umbrella, I want one... :)

I encourage you to visit their blog and I remind that, they have some official songs on their web site you can download and listen to. "Blue Max Warrior ~撃墜王~" is still my favorite.

This year's closing Super GT event is Motegi 250km race on 7th and 8th of November. Excitement is up again.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweet Tooth Miku

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is a question asked by the writer Philip K. Dick. But what would Miku dream about? Obviously, after singing so much, she would still see that in her dreams. But surprisingly, Miku seems to have a bit of a sweet tooth. Apparently, what would make Miku happy, is for her to find a world where there are chocolate bathtubs, pancakes with caramel and sauce, and in return, she would give you Lots Of Laughs. I find the artwork stunning, the song itself very good, but the LOL in it is like a drop of tar.

The info panel in youtube gives all the mp3 and nicovideo links and all other information. For some reason, the downloadable mp3 sounded worse than the youtube version.

The second song features Kaito running a "Love so Sweet" bakery. I won't tell you more about the story, just watch it :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Robot Miku at CEATEC, Tokyo

People, who built the HRP-4C robot, now dressed it up as Hatsune Miku for this year technology showcase event CEATEC 2009 that is currently ongoing on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Even tho their work is technologically impressive, I find it esthetically unpleasant (to express myself mildly). Probably one of my favourite robot Miku is the PSP playing Miku.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MikuMikuDanceCup 2009 Summer (MMDCUP III Trilogy)

I haven't really covered any MMD related topics here before. Let this be the first light one. (This is a hard topic for me, because there are great amounts of info around and mostly not in English. But I'll still try).

MMD is a short for MikuMikuDance that is a simple program that makes it possible to animate Miku and other Vocaloids in 3D. This is used by many enthusiasts and there are a lot of those low-polygon dance videos out there. Some want to take it onto a higher level and use it for story animation. Many of these are made for special MMD events like MMDCUP III Trilogy that was held about a month ago. It featured 133 MMD videos that received a staggering 3.2 million views during the event.

Since the event is over, there is an official closing movie. I had to embed it with Korean subtitles, because there is no original one in Youtube. You can find authentic version in NicoVideo here.

Vocaloidism had a coverage on this, but to sum the most important things up, there was a competition under three themes: Season, Future and Easy. It started at 24th of June and ended on 24th of August. Activity in NicoVideo defined the rankings. All participating videos can be found here. Those who can't access NicoVideo can watch most of them in Youtube. I used this channel (find videos with 【第3回MMD杯本選】 in their name).

I could go into discussing about points and top videos, but I won't do that. Instead I will make my own picks out of the competition. These are highly subjective and you may want to watch all videos yourself. I watched most of the competion videos and favorited what I liked most and now I try to present them in more organized manner.

My favorite one is "Island" (アイランド). Nice song, natural chracter animation, nice camera work and most importantly, great story. It also reminds me a great PS1 game with absolutely wonderful music, Chrono Cross.

Another favorite is the one where Miku has birthday and gets a present. What happens there looks very realistic, you'll see.

Sometimes it is not Miku in trouble, but Haku instead. By some peculiar reason she just can't get off the table. Luka is also playing cute, but I can't get what she's doing. She can dance to OSTER project tho. I've seen a lot of Miku dancing videos, but some still impress me. In one video Miku wants to be with her master and actually finds a way with help of Luka. Escaping to real world would be a good idea if things would turn out like in horror movie. Maybe Miku is destined to fight for Earth or just bad guys as hero so that Haku can safely drive her trailer (for great lol, skip to 3:15 and watch to very end). For laugh, it is also worth checking out what Mona does.

I could go on, but I already doubt that many of you read this post through. I'll finish this post with one promotional video (not quite new tho) that might make you want to try MMD yourself.

I haven't tried using MMD, but would like to. Ideas and people are welcome :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Upcoming Black Rock Shooter Anime

If you have been living under a rock like me, you may not have heard about this: they are actually making a Black Rock Shooter anime. The number of episodes and release date are still unknown, the most accurate info being: "spring 2010"

So, why am I making a post like this so early? The big fuss is over the fact that on 30. September, a "Pilot Edition" was released. Don't expect much, even if these are 3 rather big files, they all come down to the same video with different mixes of the song.

Here are all the 3 videos put together in HD.

For me, it was a somewhat disappointment. I have never been a big fan of the song itself. The visual style would be K-On meeting Gurren Lagann. The story seems too cliche - average schoolgirl gets a magic boost and transform into Black Rock Shooter to defend the earth from... a scythe-wielding goth chick? Seems like we have to wait until spring to find out.