Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kids react to Hatsune Miku

Thank you youtube for knowing (for the first time) what would interest me.

I can not blame kids for not knowing what a vocaloid is. But what disappoints me is the reaction of the kids. They like the image, the character, the song, the voice, everything. As soon as they hear that she is just a synthesizer, they start shouting whatever the media has been telling them. What is sad, is that I am not hearing the kids voice their opinions, but just repeat what they have been told. Yes, children do that, but this was a question of liking something. If you liked it before, why do you now have to deny it?

q: " so if you were to find out that your favourite singer or favourite band was computer generated, would that change your view on them?"
a: "that would be terrible"
a: "I would be creeped out and probably would never listen to them ever again"

"you can't be a fan because she does not exist"