Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrapping up 2009

In May this blog was started. At the beginning I didn't have quite an idea what to write or how to write. I am generally a bad writer and writing one story takes more time and effort than it should. I am also not a fluent English user which makes writing harder. Still, I have been writing and so has Riho, and I am happy with the outcome since there are some regular readers. Without them there would be no point to write anything, so a big "Thank you!" to the readers of this blog.

The goal for this blog has not been to give up to date news. There are other English blogs for that (like Vocaloidism). Over the time this blog has become a place for us to share our Vocaloid related discoveries. I often like to do some background search on topics and then write a bit longer story, but that is not always the case. Riho is more interested in sharing particular music discoveries.

Next year we would like to liven up this blog a bit. We are preparing banners and will do some link exchange. So far we really haven't advertised this site. We also have some ideas how to extend the site so it wouldn't be only a blog. No details yet, but you'll see next year. We will also upload some our own made content which will probably be one of the first Miku works in Estonian. But all that on next year.

"Happy new year dance" MMD from Miku.

Since only me and Riho are keeping this blog, we are still short of editors. If you would like to write posts here, contact us and we'll let you do that.

I'll finish this post with greetings to all our readers around the world. That is in Estonia (of course), USA, Italy, Japan, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore!, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Spain, France, Finland and other places. Everyone is welcome to spam this blog post with comments saying a few words about themselves and what they like/would like to see here.

Happy new year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Magnet cosplay

I was looking at some Comiket 77 cosplay pictures (it is currently held in Tokyo) and then I saw one with Miku and Luka on it. It seemed to be a very hard thing to do convincingly so I got interested. I searched through the web for similar cosplays to see how others have succeeded in recreating the message from song "Magnet". You all probably know that, but for reference.

I didn't expect the rabbit hole to be that deep. There so many cosplays of this and some photoshoots are just excellent (same thing here too). Definitely recommend. I can't upload galleries here, so you have to click yourself. You can do it! :)

This style sample was from previously mentioned photo shooting session where Miku role was played by S.F.Sakana. She is certainly one of the best Miku cosplayers ever.

Look, a nice pic with Len and Rin! Mood is not right, but all the costume quality, colors and lighting are just beautiful. Picture is from this cosplay gallery.

I am glad that there are people who are brave enough to express themselves through cosplaying and making photoshooting sessions. World would be much more gray without it. I know that in Italy it is common to say "bella" to strangers on street when they look beautiful. We don't have such habit here and people acting like that would look strange. I wish that people would be more brave to express themselves through clothes and others would be more accepting. On the contrary, shiny clothes with bad taste are just as bad as being plain, but I'd accept that if some of those are really vivid and nice. All this applies to men too!

For more Magnet cosplay gallerys, go to and search for "vocaloid magnet". Have a good time discovering.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wooden Miku

There once was a fictional character name Jason Vorhees - even if you do not know the name, imagine a maniacal killer with a hockey mask and a chainsaw - that is him. But it seems that as times change, so do people and now a new kind of Jason has appeared. This time he has dedicated himself to carving various life-size anime characters out of wooden blocks. In case you have never worked with a chainsaw, imagine drawing something with a pen that weighs 10 kilograms, vibrates strongly, makes an awful noise that can be heard miles away and has the potential to remove some of your limbs. The level of detail that he achieves with such an inaccurate tool is remarkable.

Here is the youtube playlist for the rest of Thejeisonsan' carvings. As far as I could understand from videos, titles and comments, he has made an EVA 01, Mikoto Misaka from Railgun, Mio and Yui from K-on and a lot of other sculptures.

First off, Hachune Miku, the video is in two parts and almost 14 minutes in total.
Not much of Vocaloid music, but I do hope that you can enjoy the 8-bit classic that Mega Man is.

Next up, a life-size Hatsune Miku. Accompanied by the Earthbound soundtrack.

The fact that her hair had to be supported made me realize that anime hairstyles might be even more exaggerated than we think.

Last up, the only song with Miku and chainsaws that I could find. Sadly, no translation.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas

Best wishes from my nendoroid :)

(I do need a camera with manual focus)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

IOSYS meets Miku

I just want to share this overwhelming energy you can find in some of this dōjin circle works. Originally these featured Touhou characters, but there are also a few Vocaloid remakes I know of. When I first discovered their flash animations I was enthralled by how well they can put animation and music together.

I won't embed the latest MMD cup video of "Overdrive" here even if it features the voice from Miku. Even if I like song better, I still find the video in the older version much more pleasing.

Ah, and I just can't get over that Miku stole the precious thing.

It is so nice to watch this side by side with original. Yes, I like Miku version better.

Along with MAD content, IOSYS has used voices of Miku other Vocaloids to make serious albums too. This should calm you down after those energy bombs.

Since this song is from an album they sell it is likely to be removed soon from Youtube. I made a light search and it is available in in case you want to support the author.

To tell the truth, I don't quite like all the free content sharing because those who make it want to live too, but I can't help Youtube and such are strong medium for popularizing authors works. There is no easy and acceptable by everyone solution out there, so my effort will be sharing, but also trying to give credit to the author and when possible, also how you could support the artist when you wanted to. I guess that is a right thing to do.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miku v2 (?) and The Touhou Project

After stumbling over a song that sounded a lot more realistic than most of Vocaloid-powered (just wanted to use that expression) songs. But now the problem is - even after looking about details about it, I still know nothing. So, if you, dear reader, know a bit more, feel free to leave a comment. All info I have comes from the video description: "This movie is new Hatsune Miku vocal Data Base β.ver demo song movie."
The fact remains, this sounds completely different and there are even arguments, if this really is Miku or not.

About the Touhou Project - not long ago, a simple video of Touhou characters got over a million views in one week on NicoNico. The video was the soon-to-be very famous Bad Apple. For some reason, there is yet to be a Miku version of this. But there is a Megpoid version, that sounds decent... to be polite. The problem is that the singer of the track is exceptionally good and whether it is Megpoid or the creator, it just doesn't reach it. I am still hoping that someone with lots of experience would make a Miku or Meiko version with it.

To keep the length of this post to a sane level, this shall be the last video for this time. Related to Touhou and insanely cute. There is also a Miku (-like) version, but the style does not suit me.

If you remember the Fast Food and Miku post, then those songs also originated from Touhou. Even if they are musical train wrecks, there is still something oddly catchy about those.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another Miku Channel

Can be found here. It features a collection of some of the most popular Miku videos on a self contained TV like site. I admire the absolute simplicity of the page and being non-youtube, but hate the Comic-Sans (sorry). The page got my attention for one whole evening as backround video/music.

As a bonus, all videos are in auto repeat mode. I like it, since I have a weird habit of listening to one song multiple times in a row.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pi challenge

Interestingly Pi-chorus by Len fits the original song "Incarnation" by Hanasoumen-P. I didn't count, but in this modified song Len should say PI in 2000 digit precision.

More works from Vocaloid master π-P.