Monday, September 21, 2009


Making a program sing like a common singer is a feat by itself. Some creators have taken it to a new level, giving Miku a lot more vocal depth and creativity. In my opinion, making a vocaloid sing "words" is not easy, but to make her sing utter gibberish should be next to impossible. Making it actually sound good is simply amazing.

I haven't found many songs like this and I am pretty sure that there are better examples out there. I have found some a capella versions, but nothing really good.

Only the chorus is as mentioned above, but since it is so cute, I thought I'd share.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Unofficial Hatsune Mix manga

It arrived. I was very exited. It was Hatsune Mix manga, compiled from monthly releases under the same title by Comic Rush. I don't really know why it is "unofficial", but that doesn't really matter. Here it is, on my desk, waiting to be read.

I find it very interesting piece of work since it is made by the same illustrator KEI who made the original Miku design. The manga is written in Japanese, but it has furigana as reading aid. So I find it suitable for Miku fans learning Japanese, like me :)

The manga itself consists of 8 unrelated stories. Each one is a bit twisted on its own way. I don't agree with everything written here, but it pretty much describes what to expect.

It is also available for online reading, but that is not exactly the same. In my printed version there are two chapters missing: "01. Abandoned Mix" and "06. Wandering Mix". That was unexpected and a bit disturbing. A small relief is that all 16 wonderful color pages are not bloated with texts.

Getting my hand on this one was a bit tricky here. I found that the cheapest way to order it was from here. Still the shipping to here in Estonia was a beefy ¥ 3700 while the manga itself was only ¥700. That's about 500 EEK in our local currency

I take this manga to Animatsuri this weekend, so everyone interested, can read it in such a nice place as manga reading corner :)

I finish my post with one cinematic version of Abandoned Mix (that I didn't get):

Animatsuri 2009

This weekend, on 12-13 of September the biggest anime related event in Estonia is being held here in my hometown Tartu. Lots of stuff will be happening there, click the link for more info. If you didn't know about it yet (quite improbable), then now you know. :)

Both writers of this blog are also part of organizing crew. You can find me and Riho at information desk along with our mascot if all goes as planned. Riho will be selecting music for the event, so some extent of Vocaloid content will be expected.

I hope to see lots of Miku, Haku, Rin, Len, Kaito and other Vocaloid character cosplays (it is very improbable tho :P ). All Vocaloid cosplayers will get their pics posted here. I probably won't be making pics, but I can collect them from others who do :)

Let's finish this with good quality cosplay, but with a bad quality video unfortunately.

PS. Ahh... It is so good to have internet again. I recently moved to another place and there have been 9 days without internet.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2nd birthday of Hatsune Miku

Yesterday was 2nd birthday of Hatsune Miku. Happy birthday! Does this mean she turned 18 now? Hmm...

Here is a special song for her made by OSTER project:

Other Miku fans celebrated her birthday too, yesterday.