Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Don't Mylist me

The truth about "mylist"-ing in NicoVideo. Direct analogue to "favourite"-ing in Youtube and "like"-ing in Facebook dialect.

NicoVideo link

Here are the notes from translator to help you better understand the hidden clues. These are the same as under the video in Youtube by lygerzero0zero.

0:01 - MyList is Nico Nico Douga's video favoriting system

0:45 - "imifu" stands for "imi fumei" literally "meaning unclear," I thought "WTF" was the closest English equivalent

1:12 - "Temporary just one click" refers to the button on the side of Nico Videos that allows you to add a video to your temporary MyList with one click. "Ippatsu" (which I rendered as "one click") probably also has certain -other- ways of interpreting it. "One go," "one fling" perhaps.

1:23 - "wktk" I couldn't come up with an English equivalent so I left it as it was. "wktk" is a common Nico comment and stands for "wakuteka" which in turn stands for "waku-waku teka-teka" which is roughly "sparkling with excitement." Imagine an anime character with sparkles around them and you get the gist.

1:44 - Just in case anyone didn't catch it, this refers to the video statistics, in this case probably the MyList count. People on Nico will often post congratulatory comments when a video hits a landmark such as 1000 MyLists.

2:00 - When a video becomes popular enough (I don't know the exact criteria but MyList count is definitely a factor) it will be marked as "Silver" or "Gold" and the video thumbnail will be surrounded in a silver or gold frame (incidentally the original video is currently silver. Everyone with a Nico account go MyList it!)

2:32 - This isn't really a note, I'd just like to apologize for the text being screwed up in encoding.

2:37 - Your guess is as good as mine for when she mentions "points." I wouldn't be surprised if Nico has some kind of points system but I don't know of it and couldn't find anything on NicoNicoPedia.

UPDATE: Neibaku says: "I'm pretty sure the points are from when people pay to promote a video on Nico. They get points for it."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Miku Drift in Moscow

Hello, dear reader. Until now I have avoided simply taking content from Sankaku, but this is just so bewildering that it deserves to be shared.

Itasha - anime character or symbol decals on cars seems to be a rather japanese trend, most of us wouldn't be caught dead in one. But one crazy russian drift fanatic has taken his (rather beaten) Nissan 180SX and plastered it with Miku. It is one thing to see a shiny track BMW on a japanese circuit, seeing a 180SX with plastic-welded bumpers and missing rear hatch going sideways through the downtown of Moscow is impressive to say the least.

You can read the whole article and see the rest of the pictures on Sankaku Complex

If you know where to find such itasha, do leave a comment. I swear that if I can find a proper itasha, it will end up on my 1997 Saab which is the last car where it should belong.

Sometimes spirit is more important than the impression it gives to the ignorant. I am sure, many would like to mock him for having anime style shimapan on his hood, but with his driving, who would actually dare to?

Monday, April 11, 2011

UTAU ranking gets political

I guess you all remember this song standing out amongst others.
"meltdown" by iroha(sasaki). Voice Kagamine Rin.

Due to the ongoing nuclear crisis at Fukushima, this song, I'd say, was abused to achieve something or more likely, was remade just for fun. A green faced politician "talking" about the situation (NicoVideo link). I checked that the lyrics are exactly the same as in the original song with some parts left out. It is bizarre to see how its high popularity has pushed it onto the first place in UTAU rankings. Scroll to 22:29 or click here to see by yourself.