Monday, August 8, 2011

Cinnamon Philosophy - Review

The last post from Toomas reminded me of something - back in March a friend of mine visited japan, coincidentally it was 1 day after the Great Tohoku Earthquake. Her stay in Japan was short, but among other souvenirs, she brought me "a Miku album" which she picked out with care - a cute girl came to her and said "this came out yesterday, please buy it".

First off - this is not just a CD. It comes in a box that is about 2 CDs wide, the extra space taken up by a cute handkerchief. The design and overall quality are laudable, after all, this is OSTER Project.


Back, with the handkerchief:

Sadly, music-wise this album was far from impressing me. It has Miku, chibi Miku, Meiko, Kaito, Luka and the Kagamine twins, but after listening through the CD once more to make this review, I remembered why I shelved it back in march - it just does not have much appeal. The tracks are too generic and for OSTER Project, even too amateurish. The only track that I liked was Sweet Drops, but that was in the 1st Project Diva game, making it quite old. I would like to tell more about it, but as the CD didn't give me much, this would be all that I could muster.

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